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STL TV provides government related informational television programs to the residents of the City of St. Louis. The channel, which is available on cable channel 992 and U-Verse channel 99, serves as a vital link in making local government more accessible to the community via cable television.

STL TV is operated 24-hours daily and has logged thousands of production hours in pursuit of its mission to inform, educate and promote St. Louis City government operations.

Since 1993, STL TV has produced original programs tailored to inform residents and promote the City of St. Louis. Weekly coverage of the Board of Aldermen meetings, Mayoral Press Conferences, public events and other government-related programming has been a major function of STL TV.

STL TV has served as a vehicle to promote city neighborhoods and has collaborated with many civic organizations. This has resulted in a diversity of programs not found on any other local station. We work with all city departments and serve as a link in the government information chain. City departments utilize STL TV to promote such matters as city employment opportunities, supply bid requests, public hearings, and citizen alerts. Moreover, we stand ready as a resource in a declared emergency or disaster. STL TV programming is also available on-line via our website at

We are located in the Communications Division at 4971 Oakland Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110. Our telephone number is 314-552-2900 and our fax number is 314-552-2985. Our business hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

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Featured Stories

Christian Keyes at City Winery

Christian Keyes at City Winery

STL TV’s host Dsmoovee sits down with American actor and model, Christian Keyes, regarding his recent performance at St. Louis's premier music venue, City Winery. Christian got his start in the entertainment industry by appearing in stage plays having since graduated...

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My Life in a Bag Foundation Gala

My Life in a Bag Foundation Gala

My Life in a Bag Foundation held its gala on November 4th at the Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel to raise money to provide luggage for residential, group homes, and foster kids worldwide.

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Happy Holidays from STL TV!

Happy Holidays from STL TV!

STL TV wishes you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and joyous holiday season. Happy holidays to you and yours! Follow us on Social Media.

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City Corner: Angad Biannual Exhibit

City Corner: Angad Biannual Exhibit

Angad Arts Hotel's Vanessa Rudloff shares some of the work currently on display at its 9th Biannual Exhibition, featuring the work of 50 local artists through April 2024.

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What’s the 314? Mia’s Treats Delight / BradENSTL

What’s the 314? Mia’s Treats Delight / BradENSTL

Young entrepreneurs stay tuned! Because in this episode of What's the 314?, we're talking to two young movers and shakers who built their businesses from the ground up! First, Dre'Co sits down with the founder and CEO of Mia's Treats Delight, Tamia Coleman-Hawkins, to...

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City Corner: Lost Treasures of St. Louis

City Corner: Lost Treasures of St. Louis

Co-authors Cameron Collins and Dennis Dillon discuss their new book, "Lost Treasures of St. Louis, Volume 2," which looks at bygone places, events and other items once identified with the Gateway City.

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