Raynah Rey

Born in South America, this feisty young lady landed here on assignment with missionary parents. Their ministry took her family to California, Mississippi, Missouri, and even Canada before bringing them back to the U.S. She’s a middle child…make what you will of that! Family, friends, music, and joy are high on the list of priorities for this young lady. You’re more likely to find her singing a song or dancing to the one being played than sitting in the corner.

From a very young age she was drawn to the microphone. It may have all started when her parents would have her and her siblings on the platform in church services, but it sure developed steam on its own. She began entering talent contests and public speaking contests, beauty pageants, and then eventually found her way to radio and television.

She seized an opportunity to host her high school’s local news program and eventually ended up on a local station in Canada. When you meet her, you’ll get why the Miss Congeniality Award sits on her mantle. Realizing her path, she obtained a Degree in Communications from Maryville University.

Her road has been filled with adventures including; beauty queen titles, acting in plays, hosting pageants and contests, appearing in television commercials, magazine and newspaper fashion spreads, billboards, runway, voice-over work, and of course, television and radio host.

It may have all started on the platform with her parents and siblings, but it has taken her to television on STLTV where she hosts STL Live weekly, and Old School 95.5 where you’ll find her sprinkling joy through the airwaves. She would love nothing more than to meet you, share a hug, and snap a pic with you!!!

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