City Corner-Famous Firsts

Most St. Louisans know that the city is associated with toasted ravioli, pork steaks and gooey butter cake, but do they know that the celebrated New York Rockettes had their origins in St. Louis? Or that 7-Up was first created here during the Roaring Twenties? For those who don’t know, the book Famous Firsts of St Louis, is one you’ll definitely want to read. City Corner Host Steve Potter spends time with the Author, Diane Rademacher, and learns about this celebration of Facts, Figures, Food & Fun. The book is now available at over 40 locations throughout the St. Louis region. Famous Firsts is about to travel internationally because books have been given to residents of Israel and Belize who have an interest in our fair city. The book is divided into sections, each of which has short essays and many photographs. Watch the video below.

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