It’s All About the Game

It’s all about the Game

Todd Blackstock takes an inside look at the St. Louis University Athletic Programs including the outstanding Men’s Basketball Team. He then meets with award-winning Writer, Michael MacCambridge, to discuss his new book, “Lamar Hunt: A Life in Sports”. In it, MacCambridge presents the definitive biography of one of our most beloved sporting figures. Todd also shares a look back at the Ram’s 2012 season featuring the economic impact of the enthusiastic Green Bay Packer’s fans following their team to St. Louis. To find out more, check out

2013 STL Car Show

Catch a glimpse of the sights and the sounds from the 2013 STL Car Show. It’s the largest auto event in the St. Louis area, featuring more than 500 new cars, trucks, SUVs and luxury vehicles from over 25 manufacturers all under one roof. This segment features interviews with guests, dealers, and car enthusiasts. Be sure and take a look at

Delectable Treats

Sarah & Aprille have some fun with the one and only, Chef E, of Archyouhungry! He’s always making sure that he and his catering company bring the best flavors and service to the St. Louis region. On this show, Chef E tantalizes the taste buds of viewers and hosts alike by preparing fried cheese cake dumplings, and cheesecake filled chocolate strawberries. YUM! He’s a chef so passionate about what he does that he creates culinary art with passion you can taste. His catering company prepares for weddings, anniversaries, children’s birthdays, and graduations.

The Blessing Basket Project

There is poverty around the world and in some places it’s much worse than others. One local woman has found a business model which is making quite an impression in faraway countries. Sarah and Aprille, have the pleasure of sitting down with Theresa Wilson, Founder of The Blessing Basket Project, a non-profit organization which helps combat poverty worldwide. Theresa speaks about the Blessing Basket Project’s mission to lift artisans, who weave baskets, out of poverty. The artisans are paid prosperity wages, and use those wages to graduate into a life of sustainable financial independence.

For Fashion Lovers

On this St. Louis Presents episode host, Aprille Trupiano, and guest host, Sarah Bernard welcome young Owner of XV Fashion, Amber Noel. This 21 year old entrepreneur started her own fashion company and is a force to be reckoned with. She just opened a shoe boutique at the St. Louis Mills Mall.

Sweets And More

Aprille and Vern enjoy a visit from Reine Bayoc, Owner and Baker of SweetArt, an art gallery and bakeshop in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis. It’s a product of Reine’s passion for all things sweet and savory. She shares the space with her husband, Cbabi Bayoc, an artist who covers the walls with his original works of art. Before Reine and Cbabi opened SweetArt in 2009, she had begun serving her famous cupcakes and signature vegetarian burgers to friends and family while dreaming of her own bakery. After years as a vegetarian, she wanted to open a place that gave vegetarians the ability to choose anything off of the menu and not be limited. Some of those goodies you can expect to find are a BLT sandwich with bacon substitute, wraps and meatless chili on nachos or in a bowl. Each dish is named after a street in the Shaw Neighborhood. And no need to fret…Reine also provides numerous options for customers with a sweet tooth. Several of her cupcakes are also vegan! Today, SweetArt has the great pleasure of being invited to birthdays, baby showers, and weddings.

Ending Domestic Violence

Domestic violence comes in all shapes and forms. Many battered women experience difficulties accessing resources due to specific cultural or language barriers. Dr. Gloria J. Johnson, Founder of Life Source Consultants, stops by to chat with St. Louis Presents host, Aprille Trupiano, and guest host, Vern Fuller, about her organization. In January 1994, she founded the first African American domestic violence and sexual assault organization in the State of Missouri and began to effect a positive change in the area of domestic violence and sexual assault.

A Career In The Making

Reagan Johnson visits the set of the short film “Mariah” to talk to producer Carlos A. Valenzuela. The young producer started his acting career in March 2004, by getting small roles and a few lead roles in theater plays. By 2007, he got involved with “Live Street Theater” for the Greater St. Louis Renaissance Festival and from there, his acting career moved into films. From 2007-2008 he did 14 films including some feature films as an extra. Carlos also discusses Mid-West Entourage Entertainment, a LLC film production company he and others started in 2008 that specializes in Modeling, Casting and Photography.

Baden Taste

STL TV was on hand for the Baden Taste, an annual parade and festival in the Baden area of North St. Louis. Organized every year by 2nd ward Alderwoman Dionne Flowers and many dedicated volunteers, it is a celebration of Baden’s historic community; a community that started in 1833 and officially became a part of the City of St. Louis in 1876. Before Baden Taste was born, the city celebrated with an annual festival called Badenfest. There are plenty of vendors involved each year, and lots of good food, great music and fun activities. President Lewis Reed took part in the festivities.

Want More Money?

If you’re looking to make extra money and get healthy all at the same time, Randy Keling from Monavie tells Ivy how. They talk about “The MonaVie View Open Meeting” at City Hall in St. Peters. It’s an opportunity to join one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

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