CITY CORNER- Money Smart St. Louis/What’s New in Hip Hop and R&B

On this City Corner, host Robin Boyce, talks with guest Veta Jeffery, Community Economic Partnerships State of Missouri Department of Economic Development Manager to discuss what’s been happening in his organization. Also a new air personality iHeart Media Radio Air Personality, Osei Kweku, better known as Osie, has hit St. Louis with The Dark Secret, heard on KMJM 100.3 The Beat!

STL TV LIVE – World Affairs Council of St. Louis

At the beginning of this year, the state of Missouri enacted new gun laws that may affect you or someone you know. Effective January 1, 2017, most people will not need a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Lawmakers passed the measure last year, before Gov. Nixon vetoed it. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard talks to Attorney Herman Jimerson of the Jimerson Law Firm

STL TV LIVE- Women of Achievement

Women of Achievement honors women volunteers who have made a considerable impact on the St. Louis community in areas such as, but not limited to, education, arts, philanthropy, advocacy or health and human services. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard sits down with Gwendolyn Packnett from the Women of Achievement organization to find out more about the honorees.

STL TV LIVE- Good Journey

Good Journey has two programs focused on helping young people improve their leadership skills. Community Our World for ages 11 – 24 helps students develop skills to improve their community. The Summer Leadership Academy ages 9 through 16 is about fun activities related to African culture, entrepreneurship, careers and community engagement. Founder & Executive Director, Dionne Ferguson explains.

SHOW ME THE MUSIC- Hymn River Suite

Hymn River Suite brings a southern sound to the St. Louis area. The Alton Illinois country-rock trio stopped by the studio to talk about their new album, which was crafted with the help of some accomplished figures in the recording industry. Members Justin Mathenia, Amy Snyder and Jay Hollinger discussed their favorite parts of recording and writing and the new record.

CITY CORNER- “Please Touch”

City Corner host Steve Potter welcomes St. Louis Journalist, Robert Duffy, and Fleischman-Hillard Senior VP, Paul Wagman, to the STL TV studios to talk about the newbook, “Please Touch.” The very interesting new book documents the public art that The Gateway Foundation has provided across the city, including downtown’s popular Citygraden area.


STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, sits down with SLATE Office of Innovation & Industry Engagement Manager, Stacey Fowler, and Employment and Training Advisor, Marla Roach, to help inform the audience about how the agency assists jobseekers and businesses with a variety of no-cost services related to employment, job training, and career advancement. It’s important information to know.


ALIVE St. Louis Executive Director, Maggie Menefee, joins STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, to talk about ALIVE St. Louis’s special Trivia Night on Saturday, February 18th. Join ALIVE’s supporters in building hopeful futures for domestic abuse survivors and children through financial support, in-kind donations, or volunteering. It’s an ongoing event which occurs at various locations for a wonderful cause.

STL TV LIVE- Combating Gender Inequality

As women reach higher professional levels, gender inequality has become a hot button issue. On this STL TV LIVE, host Sarah Thompson, welcomes Dr. Tracy Singh, a St. Louis-based cardiologist at St. Louis Heart and Vascular, who believes that women should take some ownership of the current gender disparity in the workplace and offers solutions for women to become their own best advocate.

STL TV LIVE- George Orwell’s 1984

George Orwell’s 1984 is an iconic novel in the history of literature. It’s the story of Winston Smith, one of the many citizens of Oceania, who fights for love and freedom under the ever-present eye of Big Brother. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Thompson, sits down with 1984 Director, Matthew Kerns, and1984 Actor, Andrew Woodard, to talk about what it all means.

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