STL TV LIVE – Missouri Kids Unplugged Open House

According the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average child spends seven hours per day using electronics. Missouri Kids Unplugged wants to educate parents and children on how to break away from the screen, set usage boundaries and provide fun and healthy activities. STL TV Live host, Sarah Thompson, welcomes Missouri Kids Unplugged Founder & President, Tony Krieg.

STL TV LIVE- 2017 Women of Achievement

All over the world talented, focused women are making a difference. The 2017 Women of Achievement honored special women who dedicate their time, energy, and leadership toward helping the community with a luncheon each year. This year they met at the Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis. This week STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, is joined by Women of Achievement Vice President, Gwendolyn Packnett, PhD, to get all the details.

STL TV LIVE- Rich & Charlie’s 50th Anniversary

Originating in 1967, the Rich & Charlie’s franchise has grown into a $5 million four-restaurant operation that serves delicious food. Throughout 2017, Rich & Charlie’s Restaurant is celebrating their 50th Anniversary satisfying customers. They have locations in Crestwood, South County, and Town & Country. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, welcomes Rich & Charlie’s Co-Owner’s, Emil Pozzo and Marty Ronzio, to the St. Louis studios.

STL TV LIVE- Afriky Lolo

This year Afriky Lolo celebrates 14 years of West African dance in St. Louis during their annual celebration, Dance and Drum Voyage. The fun event features youth and adult companies, along with a special performance featuring Japanese drumming. The event takes place at COCA. On this episode of STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, visits with Afriky Lolo Artistic & Executive Director, Diadie Bathily,

STL TV LIVE- Responsible Pet Ownership/Dept. of Health

The City of St. Louis Department of Health wants everyone to remember to practice responsible pet ownership by remembering to register your pet, get them vaccinated & have them spayed or neutered. Also, keep your pet on a leash unless otherwise designated, pick up their feces & bring them inside during extreme heat or cold. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, sits down with City of St. Louis, Public Information Officer, Kimberly Vanden Berg,

STL TV LIVE- Family Forward

STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, sits down with Family Forward CEO, Karen Nolte and Chief Development Officer, Jessica Dederer, to find out what all the organization has been up to. Family Forward is a merger between the Children’s Home Society of Missouri and the Family Resource Center that provides services to children and families. Family Forward offers several types of assistance including therapy, foster care and adoption and therapeutic preschool.

CITY CORNER- Urban League Women/ The Wolff Jazz Institute

On this episode of City Corner, host Robin Boyce, sits down with the Urban League about the Urban League Guild’s Annual Salute to Women in Leadership and what that all that means. Boyce also chats with radio legend Bernie Hayes about his new role directing the Wolff Jazz Institute at Harris Stowe State University.

STL TV LIVE- Changing Weather and Viruses/MediNurse

MediNurse provides care services for individuals, companies and organizations throughout the Saint Louis area. MediNurse Signature Services are the result of focusing on our core values and our passion for what we do, combined with a willingness to think outside the box. Whether you or someone you love is disabled, recovering from an illness, or just simply in need of companion care, our agency is ready to help. STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, chats with MediNurse, Pat Cook,

STL TV LIVE- My Country: A Devised Work

UMSL Theatre and Cinema Arts presents “My Country: A Devised Work.” Inspired by the poem written by Sam Beadle, My Country, delves into how we view our country as citizens of different races, creeds, religions, and gender. How through all of it do you define your country, and how do you make sure to hold onto empathy and your own humanity? STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, finds out from My Country: A Devised Work Director, Matthew Kerns.

STL TV LIVE- Voices for Children

Voices for Children is a great organization for children. In April they hosted a Foster the Future: “One Voice at a Time” Annual Gala at The Ritz-Carlton in Clayton. On this episode of STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, spends time with Voices for Children Executive Director, Steve Moergen, to find out why it’s such a great organization for kids.

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