STL TV LIVE – Fun Run Club of Greater St. Louis

The Fun Run Club of Greater St. Louis was formed last year for families to participate in training, walking and running races, along with other social activities. The club welcomes runners and walkers of all ages, sizes and skill levels and has future plans to create a Kids’ Division. Founder and Head Running Coach, Jerry Summers, comes on STL TV LIVE to talk all about it.

STL TV LIVE- Habitat for Humanity St. Louis

Habitat for Humanity St. Louis works with volunteers and local business to provide decent and affordable housing for those who need it and ReStore provides additional support for Habitat for Humanity St. Louis, while also offering low-cost alternatives to traditional hardware stores and keeping waste out of landfills. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, learns about their work in the region from Kimberly McKinney, CEO for Habitat for Humanity St. Louis.

STL TV LIVE – Gateway Greening

Gateway Greening educates and empowers people to strengthen their communities through gardening and urban agriculture. “Chefs in a Garden” was their fundraising event of the year event that celebrates building community through gardening. Gateway Greening Communications Manager, Erin Wood, and AmeriCorps VISTA Communications & Fundraiser, Mallory Brown, drop in for a chat.

STL TV LIVE- St. Louis Effort for AIDS

St. Louis Effort for AIDS provides education and comprehensive support for those who are affected by the disease. The organization is comprised of volunteers who educate and provide support to individuals infected and affected by H-I-V and AIDS. STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, chats with Executive Director, Cheryl Oliver, and Director of Community Engagement and Development, Bill Dahlkamp.

STL TV LIVE – CHADS Coalition for Mental Health

CHADS Coalition for Mental Health wants to save lives by advancing the awareness and prevention of depression and suicide. On Thursday, September 7th, they will hold the Illumination Ball, a gala to support the organization’s suicide prevention efforts in St. Louis. It takes place at the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center. The benefit allows CHADS to continue school outreach, community awareness presentations and family support programs. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Thompson, visits with Marian McCord, CHADS Co-Founder and Executive Director.

CITY CORNER- St. Louis Yoga and Who’s Who in Diversity of Color

On this episode of City Corner host Robin Boyce talks with a Yoga Instructor’s, Dawn Gipson and Megan Macaraeg, about the importance of the exercise and how it keeps participants centered. She also visits with Kieth Antone Willis and Ericca Willis, Publishers of the third edition of the Who’s Who in Diversity of Color.

STL TV LIVE – STL Youth Jobs

S-T-L Youth Jobs is a program that bridges the divide between our region’s youth and the growing skills gap in our workforce. On this episode of STL TV LIVE, host, Raynah Rey, sits down with Hillary Frey, Executive Director, STL Youth Jobs, to find out all the organization’s details and how exactly they’re helping out young people.

STL TV LIVE – Missouri Kids Unplugged Open House

According the American Academy of Pediatrics, the average child spends seven hours per day using electronics. Missouri Kids Unplugged wants to educate parents and children on how to break away from the screen, set usage boundaries and provide fun and healthy activities. STL TV Live host, Sarah Thompson, welcomes Missouri Kids Unplugged Founder & President, Tony Krieg.

STL TV LIVE- 2017 Women of Achievement

All over the world talented, focused women are making a difference. The 2017 Women of Achievement honored special women who dedicate their time, energy, and leadership toward helping the community with a luncheon each year. This year they met at the Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis. This week STL TV LIVE host, Raynah Rey, is joined by Women of Achievement Vice President, Gwendolyn Packnett, PhD, to get all the details.

STL TV LIVE- Rich & Charlie’s 50th Anniversary

Originating in 1967, the Rich & Charlie’s franchise has grown into a $5 million four-restaurant operation that serves delicious food. Throughout 2017, Rich & Charlie’s Restaurant is celebrating their 50th Anniversary satisfying customers. They have locations in Crestwood, South County, and Town & Country. STL TV LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, welcomes Rich & Charlie’s Co-Owner’s, Emil Pozzo and Marty Ronzio, to the St. Louis studios.

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