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St. Louis Presents- Great Rivers Greenway District

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Leaving a Vibrant Legacy for Future Generations:
Imagine a St. Louis where being outside is part of everyday life. A place where your daily commute or day off would include breathing fresh air, hearing leaves rustle, and saying hello to those you see. Imagine starting your day walking on a trail, biking on a street, or using transit instead of being stuck sitting in rush hour traffic. In the year 2000, the people of the greater St. Louis area voted to create the Great Rivers Greenway District. By exercising their voice and their vote, the residents of the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County made it clear that they wanted to make the St. Louis region a better place to live. Since that time, they’ve been working to carry out that vision. Steve Potter visits with Great Rivers Greenway Communications Manager, Emma Klues, to learn how they are utilizing the bike paths around the City and using those paths to connect the surrounding counties. Just watch and find out more.

City Corner-‘Milkweeds for Monarchs’

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‘Milkweeds for Monarchs’:
Famous for their remarkable annual migrations between Mexico and Canada, monarch butterflies are important participants in pollinating plants in our ecosystem. Yet, their population has declined 90 percent over the last two decades. In honor of this year’s Earth Day, Mayor Slay has announced a new City initiative called ‘Milkweeds for Monarchs.’ Not only is this w great way to help increase the dwindling monarch butterfly population, but a superb way to better connect people and urban nature. Be a part of enhancing your community’s sense of place and building relationships between neighbors.

City Corner-Jason Johnson Memorial Walk

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Memorializing in a Positive Way:
During the last few decades, the vast majority of states have added hate crime laws to their books. These statutes allow longer criminal sentences if there is evidence that a crime was motivated by bias. Jason Johnson was one of those victims. In an effort to make something good come out of this tragedy, and keep youth engaged and on the right track, the Jason Johnson Memorial Walk was created. On this episode, City Corner Host, Steve Potter, sits down with Pat Miller, and Shameen Hubbard, to talk about the 2nd Biannual Jason Johnson Memorial Walk. The event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 19th. Find out more by watching the video below.

City Corner-The St. Louis Bio-Science Initiative

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The St. Louis Bio-science Inclusion Initiative was organized in 2008 to heighten the visibility of inclusion in the biosciences, helping to ensure that underrepresented individuals, including minorities and women, with the talent and potential to be successful entrepreneurs and contribute fully to the regional growth have every opportunity to do so. On this episode, City Corner Host, Steve Potter , interviews the Director of Bioscience & Entrepreneurial Inclusion, BioSTL Director, Dr. Cheryl Watkins-Moore. He also talks with Maurice Foxworth, Principal at Innovation Works. Check it out.

City Corner-Famous Firsts

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Most St. Louisans know that the city is associated with toasted ravioli, pork steaks and gooey butter cake, but do they know that the celebrated New York Rockettes had their origins in St. Louis? Or that 7-Up was first created here during the Roaring Twenties? For those who don’t know, the book Famous Firsts of St Louis, is one you’ll definitely want to read. City Corner Host Steve Potter spends time with the Author, Diane Rademacher, and learns about this celebration of Facts, Figures, Food & Fun. The book is now available at over 40 locations throughout the St. Louis region. Famous Firsts is about to travel internationally because books have been given to residents of Israel and Belize who have an interest in our fair city. The book is divided into sections, each of which has short essays and many photographs. Watch the video below.


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More than 20,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year, and approximately 15,000 women die annually from the disease. Unfortunately, most cases are diagnosed in their later stages when the prognosis is poor. However, if diagnosed and treated early, when the cancer is confined to the ovary, the five-year survival rate is over 90 percent. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and in its honor, St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA), is working tirelessly in an effort to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and provide information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and support through national programs. SLOCA Executive Director, Christine Krueger, and SLOCA Board President, Lisa Sienkiewicz, drop by to chat with Sarah about all the planned events throughout the metro area, including a night at the ballpark, trivia night fundraiser, a ROC STAR 5K, yoga and more. Find out more by checking out the videos below.


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Have you ever heard of community supported agriculture? How about community supported art? On this episode, STL LIVE Host Sarah Thompson sits down with CSA STL Lead Organizer, Katy Peace, and CSA STL Artist, Matthew Paul Isaacson, to discuss their revolutionary new program for uniting artists and art lovers, seeking to make the buying, selling and collecting process easier and more sustainable for everyone. It’s an exciting new model of artistic production and distribution. See more below.

STL LIVE-“What About Us”

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“What About Us”:

STL TV Live host, Tim Lampley, speaks with representatives from the celebration known as “What About Us?” In house is Poet, Educator, Author and Community Activist, Aja La’Starr, Korey Johnson, President of the Korey Johnson Foundation, and Rennell Parker, Poet, Author, Publisher, and Life Coach. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 23rd, for the “What About Us” group’s one year anniversary. Also on August 23rd, don’t miss, What About Us : A Celebration of Black Manhood.Be sure and watch!

STL LIVE-Rock’s U-19 Bash

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Rockin Out:

If you’re a music fan, you definitely don’t want to miss School of Rock’s U-19 Bash. STL TV Live host, Tim Lampley, is joined by Scott Rinaberger, Owner of School of Rock/ Rocker Dad, and Dylan Becker, Member of Decedy/former American Idol Contestant, to talk all about it. The event takes place Saturday, August 16th at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Look for a ton of great performances, and special guests include Jon Anderson, the iconic voice of YES, and Steve Ewing of The Urge. Check out the videos below.

STL LIVE-Finding Employment, Fifth Third Bank

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Finding Employment:

During June and July, Fifth Third Bank promoted a 6 week campaign to help job seekers find employment. Fifty-three individuals were awarded scholarships to the full Reemployment Program based on the number of retweets they received on Twitter. Last year, Fifth Third Bank raised close to two million dollars, Company- wide, for Stand Up to Cancer and they are doing in again this year by re-launching the Pay To The Order of Campaign. Fifth Third Bank Director of Community and Economic Development, Royce Sutton, drops by the studio to chat with Sarah about the Job Seekers Toolkit. Fifth Third Bank Consumer Bank Executive, Tony Manisco, also talks to Sarah about their latest initiatives. Find out more by checking out the video below.

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