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STL LIVE-“What About Us”

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“What About Us”:

STL TV Live host, Tim Lampley, speaks with representatives from the celebration known as “What About Us?” In house is Poet, Educator, Author and Community Activist, Aja La’Starr, Korey Johnson, President of the Korey Johnson Foundation, and Rennell Parker, Poet, Author, Publisher, and Life Coach. Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 23rd, for the “What About Us” group’s one year anniversary. Also on August 23rd, don’t miss, What About Us : A Celebration of Black Manhood.Be sure and watch!

STL LIVE-Rock’s U-19 Bash

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Rockin Out:

If you’re a music fan, you definitely don’t want to miss School of Rock’s U-19 Bash. STL TV Live host, Tim Lampley, is joined by Scott Rinaberger, Owner of School of Rock/ Rocker Dad, and Dylan Becker, Member of Decedy/former American Idol Contestant, to talk all about it. The event takes place Saturday, August 16th at the Chesterfield Amphitheater. Look for a ton of great performances, and special guests include Jon Anderson, the iconic voice of YES, and Steve Ewing of The Urge. Check out the videos below.

STL LIVE-Finding Employment, Fifth Third Bank

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Finding Employment:

During June and July, Fifth Third Bank promoted a 6 week campaign to help job seekers find employment. Fifty-three individuals were awarded scholarships to the full Reemployment Program based on the number of retweets they received on Twitter. Last year, Fifth Third Bank raised close to two million dollars, Company- wide, for Stand Up to Cancer and they are doing in again this year by re-launching the Pay To The Order of Campaign. Fifth Third Bank Director of Community and Economic Development, Royce Sutton, drops by the studio to chat with Sarah about the Job Seekers Toolkit. Fifth Third Bank Consumer Bank Executive, Tony Manisco, also talks to Sarah about their latest initiatives. Find out more by checking out the video below.

STL LIVE-Little Fishes Swim School

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The Little Fishes Swim School:

The Little Fishes Swim School provides personalized swim instruction with small, intimate classes for students as young as 6 months old. Classes are taught by certified and experienced swimming instructors who work to build your child’s confidence. Little Fishes has recently expanded. Now in addition to their Brentwood location, they have a new facility in Chesterfield. STL LIVE host, Sarah Bernard, sits down with Little Fishes Swim School Founder, Ruthie Zarren, to talk about what’s been happening. See more below.

STL LIVE-Marfa Dialogues

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Marfa Dialogues
Marfa Dialogues is a city-wide experiment looking at the intersection of artistic practice, climate change science, and civic engagement. It’s a collaborative event addressing tons of important issues and you should be there to lend your perspective. STL Live host, Tim Lampley, is joined by Manager of Programs for the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Kristin Fleischmann Brewer, Pulitzer Arts Programs Coordinator, Philip Matthews, Preservation Research Office, Director, Michael Allen, and Installation Artist, Carlie Trosclair, all in the house to talk about the Marfa Dialogues St. Louis, a 5-day series of public programs, workshops, installations and performances to promote awareness of climate change in the Midwest. They also share information about Marfa Dialogues St. Louis presents “30 Days of Demolition” with the Historic Preservation Research Office. Check out the links below.


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SUP St. Louis
SUP St. Louis Founder and Professional Paddle Boarder, Shane Perrin, stops by the studio to tell viewers why they should give stand-up paddle boarding a try this summer. SUP is growing rapidly in popularity. Suitable for almost anyone, paddle-boarding, affords great exercise benefits such as weight loss, improved balance and flexibility, and increased strength and muscle tone, especially in the core group.
Find out more about taking lessons, fitness classes, SUP yoga, race training, river trips, rentals and sales at the following link.


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Rich, Ready, and Rare
STL TV Live, host Tim Lampley speaks with local Rapper, YC, who grew up on the North Side of St Louis and has been rapping since he was only eight years old. He is known as one of the top artists in St. Louis for his music, and also for his starring roles in such hit movies as “STL the Movie”.
Hear all about his current and upcoming projects at the link below.

St Louis Presents – Animal Control

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The Dogged Days of Summer: 
The hot summer months are brutal, not only for people but for their furry friends. On this St. Louis Presents, hosts, Debbie Monterrey , and Sande Stevenson, have a chance to visit with Animal Care and Control Public Information Health Officer, Stacie Zellin, to get some heat tips for STL TV viewers. The also discuss spay and neuter programs. Watch the video below.

animal control

st louis presents-nascar

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The Fast Lane
The Nascar Diversity Development team was recently in town, and STL TV was there to get a behind the scenes look. They’re looking for more minorities and women to get behind the wheel and compete at the highest level. It’s time for a new generation of race car drivers. Learn about techniques used by the pit crew at the link below.

st louis presents-Tenacious Eats

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Tenacious Eats
On this episode of St. Louis Presents, hosts, Debbie Monterrey, Steve Potter, and Sande Stevenson, are joined in the kitchen by Former Scottish Arms Chef Elizabeth Schuster. They chat about the launch of her new interactive dining venture, Tenacious Eats, which she says combines the two art forms that she love “food and film.” It’s a fun experience where your food is prepared and plated in front of you…the unique interactive dining experience. Although it’s not a “not dinner theater,” a food-themed film will be screened with four or five courses inspired by the movie prepared, plated and served by Schuster and her partner, Jake Alcorn. It’s part performance art, part film showing, and always great food and tremendous fun with like-minded souls. All events will take place at Meyers Grove, a theater in The Grove neighborhood. Be sure and check them out by going to the following link.

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